Urgent Care

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Urgent Care services offered in Warrior, AL and Santa Rosa Beach, FL

If you or a loved one gets injured, becomes ill, or develops a disease complication, the experts at Primary & Urgent Care South in Warrior, Alabama, and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, are here to help. The skilled urgent care specialists offer comprehensive services that exceed your expectations. Schedule an appointment by phone, online, or simply walk-in today for immediate help. 

What is urgent care?

Urgent care includes medical exams and necessary treatments when time is of the essence. Primary & Urgent Care South offers same-day and next-day appointments, as well as walk-in opportunities, to ensure you receive personalized, reliable medical care right when you need it.

What are the benefits of urgent care?

The advantages you can expect when choosing Primary & Urgent Care South to meet your urgent care needs include:

  • Convenient locations
  • Walk-in availability
  • Minor emergency care for entire families
  • No long office wait times
  • Top-quality care
  • Prompt treatments
  • Highly trained medical experts
  • Privacy
  • Cutting-edge technologies and procedures
  • No rushed appointments

As an outstanding internal medicine and family medicine facility, Primary & Urgent Care South offers exceptional services at affordable rates.

Which urgent care services are available?

Urgent care services at Primary & Urgent Care South include:

  • Rapid illness testing
  • Flu, strep throat, mono, RSV, and COVID-19 testing
  • HbA1c monitoring
  • Glucose testing
  • Laceration repair 
  • Evaluations for pneumonia, pharyngitis, and bronchitis
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) testing
  • Treatment of minor fractures
  • Incision and drainage for abscesses
  • Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy for dehydration 
  • Respiratory infection diagnosis and treatment
  • Physical exams
  • On-site lab tests
  • On-site digital X-rays
  • Joint injections 
  • Holter monitor testing
  • Lung function testing
  • Drug screenings 
  • Removal of foreign objects
  • Medication prescriptions 
  • Specialist referrals

Primary & Urgent Care South offers comprehensive primary care services in addition to urgent care. The skilled providers are highly trained and have years of experience.

What happens during urgent care visits?

After little to no wait time, the Primary & Urgent Care South team evaluates you during an urgent care visit. They weigh you and check your pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs. During a physical exam, your specialist looks for signs of illnesses, injuries, and diseases.

They may order lab tests, X-rays, heart function testing, or other diagnostic tests if needed to detect or rule out possible issues. 

After diagnosing your condition, the Primary & Urgent Care South team develops an effective treatment plan. They may suggest rest and fluids, over-the-counter or prescription medicines, fracture care, laceration repair, IV infusion therapy, or other treatments. 

If you require more extensive care, your Primary & Urgent Care South provider offers referrals to a hospital or another specialist. They follow up to ensure your treatment is effective.

Schedule an urgent care visit at Primary & Urgent Care South by phone, request one online today, or take advantage of walk-in options.